Bi-Weekly Chuckles #1

The last two “Top Comments and Posts to Come Out of The 2018 Crypto Crash So Far” seemed to be quite popular amongst the people (Of course they were, everybody loves memes!). Usually trading and anything crypto related can be quite dull, especially if you’re doing it day in and day out.

Of course, you can just go into the subreddit /r/cryptomemes to get your daily dose of memes. But it’s nothing like encountering that one funny post on your twitter feed, or that really funny comment you found below a YouTube video. So, whenever I encounter something that makes me chuckle or just anything cool in general, I snap a shot of it and will compile it here for you guys 😊 Enjoy.


And that’s how you retire folks. I think he’s even offering private lessons.




DJI, what IS that shitcoin?




OMZG…genius. Can we get one for while we’re in Starbucks too? Can you imagine the hipster level? Over 9000!



Valentines just passed soooo…Nakamoto you dog you.




Who knew you could turn Crypto Charts into works of art.




The man has a point. Has anyone ACTUALLY SEEN a real bitcoin!?





Though not every tweet has to be something funny. It can be Too True posts also.




But then, of course, you need a good response to those “Too True” posts.




Don’t you just hate it when you have to put together the team photos and one dude hasn’t sent in his photo yet, so you have to improvise?



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