Bi-Weekly Chuckles #2



It’s time for another Bi-Weekly Chuckles! I think we can all agree that humour and memes are a large part of the Crypto community. We are all invested in the technology, the details and the future plans and goals of Crypto, but sometimes some random memes are needed to be thrown into the mix!

Now of course, you can just go into the subreddit /r/cryptomemes to get your daily dose of memes. But it’s nothing like encountering that one funny post on your twitter feed, or that really funny comment you found below a YouTube video. So, whenever I or any of the team encounter something that makes us chuckle or just anything cool in general, I snap a shot of it and will compile it here for you guys 😊 Enjoy.


Bitcoin: ROAARRRR  *Smash*



Dogey West rapping about Doge mining. Best tunes of 2018.



Well, I think Bitcoin gets more ‘funding’ then NASA haha.




Accurate visual representation of pump & dump groups and new traders.



Did you know Ryan Gosling is a super-secret undercover developer for an ICO project?



Find out your animal crypto rank with this chart! I guess I’m a fat shrimp.



Imagine this ramen outfit but with Cryptos. That’s how you show dedication to the things you reaaally enjoy.



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