Bi-Weekly Chuckles #4

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Technology that many people all over the world are heavily invested and believe in. A serious endeavor, as Crypto and Blockchain could really change our future! But, not everything has to be serious all the time. Sometimes, we just need to sit back and chuckle at the random funny things we find on our way.
Sure, sure we can go to a subreddit made just for memes or any specific place in general. But nothing is better than encountering a funny chuckle in an unexpected place.

We just recently had Consensus 2018, where a bunch of the Bitcoin community faked a protest against Bitcoin outside the event. Here’s a few tweets covering that:

The longest video I’ve found so far.


Leave Wells Fargo alone!


Bankers against Bitcoin. 19% to send money to Mexico is fair!


With all many ICO projects out there, this does sure seem to be the case.


Heh, true story. Classic Crypto community over-reaction.


Another classic way of Crypto community mindset.


In case you have a whole bunch of extra cash and want to make your ledger a target. Cause why not?


Bitcoin and Blockchain in the Simpsons mobile game now!



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