Bi-Weekly Chuckles 5

Welcome to Bi-Weekly Chuckles Issue 5!! Come to think of it, I don’t think we’re getting these out bi-weekly. Maybe we should change the name. Although, Bi-Weekly Chuckles has a nice ring to it, huehue. Quality over quantity though, right?

Anyways, how is everybody doing? Rough few weeks eh? But no worries, Bitcoin will soon bounce up and the rest of crypto will follow. Trading and just about anything to do with Crypto can become stressful quite quickly, so let us do our part in helping you relax a little and get in a chuckle or two. Grab a new cup of your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoooooy.


Let’s start with something I feel is quite relatable to a lot of newcomers during a Bear market.

Right? 68 cents profit, hell yeah. Where’s my cup noodle at. As for our next post, lets check out the Bitcoin forecast for the new few days.

Yeah, I think that sums up most of our feelings… -Cry- But no worries, at least we have our partner, right? The guy below certainly believes so.


Right!? Next time someone tries to leave you, just remember; It’s just FUD.


I think we all get this feeling sometimes. Why are we staring at candles and charts all day? Just plug me in.


Okay, this next one I feel like needs a wee bit of an introduction. Everyone, meet Hank:
Hank is a bot, who randomly mixes quotes from The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and of course, Crypto Twitter. You can definitely get a few laughs from Hank.

Like these:


Usually, when there’s a Bear run, we get an influx of noobies who grab onto the hype train and try to make some ‘easy’ money. Reddit user: x_sokoru_x posted: The Structure of a Crypto Noob’s Brain.
The structure of a Crypto Noob’s brain


How accurate is that? Pretty accurate huh?


With how the prices of Bitcoin have been acting recently, this art piece explains it all.


Speaking of art; Would you say Bitcoin is more Phoenix, or more Hydra?
The Rise of The Phoenix






So, what other things have made you chuckle over the past couple of weeks?

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