24 December 2021
Embily Collaborates with Sambucha to Support Charity Goals
Embily Collaborates with Sambucha to Support Charity Goals

Embily is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with YouTube’s top shorts creator, Sambucha, to support streamers who have Christmas charity goals.

Embily is a cryptocurrency refillable debit card that enables users to spend crypto anywhere, any time. Whether out for dinner at a restaurant, purchasing items for the home, or booking extravagant vacations, users can pay for life’s necessities and luxuries using crypto, even if establishments don’t accept it as a form of payment. This is done by sending crypto to users’ Embily Wallet and is immediately converted to fiat currency on the payment card for the merchant to accept.

In the company’s most recent news, Embily has partnered with famous YouTube shorts creator, Sambucha, to donate Bitcoin to charities that are giving gifts to those who are less fortunate, including Special Effect for gamers with disabilities, Toys for Tots for children who deserve to experience the joy of Christmas morning, and the Wounded Warrior Project for disabled veterans.

Through this incredible collaboration, Embily and Sambucha gave away $5000 to streamers in an inspirational video that beautifully showcases the heartwarming impact donations had on the online streaming community. Embily’s goal is to continue giving back to global communities each year to further help those in need.

The platform is a refillable debit card that can be topped up with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services worldwide. Embily USA is the American arm of European fintech company, Embily, and will launch Q1 of 2022. Embily's EU product is currently up and running.