11 March 2022
Embily’s new product update helps users to track card limits
Embily’s new product update helps users to track card limits

Like all regular bank cards, Embily cards also have cash transaction limits. A new update will allow Embily users to conveniently track transactions through their personal accounts. Cardholders will now see their card limits clearly in addition to how much there is left to spend. The update builds on the existing spending service which also provides the ability to raise limits.

Users can now conveniently track daily and monthly limits through their accounts.

There are three categories of spending: ATM withdrawals, online purchases, and offline purchases. Once the limit for one of the categories has been reached, it does not block the availability of other categories. For example, if the ATM cash withdrawal limit is reached, users can still order an Embily card-linked Uber or pay for purchases in stores.

Within each category there are also 3 tiers of limits.


At Tier 1, the limit is 5,500 Euro per day for all categories of expenses, and 12,500 Euro per month (5,000 online, 5,000 offline, and 500 euro cash withdrawal).

The limits for Tier 2 and Tier 3 please find herehttps://eu.embily.com/fees

Users are free to move to another tier and increase their spending limits so long as they provide the corresponding documents to Embily’s Support Service:

1) Proof of residence address – a utility bill (for water, gas, electricity, home internet, telephone, TV),

or a document issued by a bank (ref. letter, account statement),

or a document issued by a government or tax authority (ref. letter, bill, statements)

The document has to be issued in the name of the person within the past 6 months.

2) Occupation/business type

3) Planned turnover per month.

4) Source of funds (for example: bank statements with salary for 6 months, tax declaration, etc.).

Important Notice:

  • Please note that in order to increase card limit to Tier 2, a minimum monthly income of 10,000 euros must be confirmed by official documents. 
  • Increasing the limits is possible only based on official documents, such as a bank statement, passport, declaration of income, employment contract/ Investment platforms, crypto exchanges, and other internet services are not grounds for increasing the limits.
  • Card limits are reset every day and on the first day of every month at 00:01 AM EEA time.

When one of the category limits is exhausted, a notification is sent to the user’s personal account and an email is sent to the user’s email that was provided during registration. Depending on the documents provided, we can increase the limits to the second or third tiers. Users can also conveniently track their spending and limits through the Embily account web-portal.

For the additional information please contact our support team in your account or by email to support@embily.com