18 October 2022
Is It Safe to Invest In Crypto?
Is It Safe to Invest In Crypto?

The crypto market is now well developed and global. Recent research shows that 57% of all people have heard of cryptocurrencies. This makes cryptocurrencies the second most popular asset in the world after gold. 

However, 58% of respondents do not understand cryptocurrencies. 42% of people in cryptocurrencies expect to make a profit on their investment. Many are drawn by the volatility of crypto assets, which promise high profits. The vast majority of respondents also state that their goal when investing in crypto is to improve their financial well-being and preserve the value of their savings.

But the problem is that the negative reputation of some financial pyramids and scam ICOs affects all cryptocurrencies. This negativity hampers their adoption and detracts potential investors. However, there are ways to purchase cryptocurrencies safely.


There are many centralized exchanges on the crypto market. Most of them allow purchasing popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through bank cards. However, centralized exchanges are subject to sanctions regimes and can deliberately freeze user funds at authorities' request anywhere in the world.

Peer-to-Peer exchanges are also reliable if they are regulated or have a proven reputation. Such services are decentralized and have no legal entity. This is a good reason to conduct preliminary research before using them.

Crypto banking services are another legal and reliable alternative to buy Bitcoin. Financial services like Embily allow users to purchase popular cryptocurrencies with Visa or Mastercard online. The biggest advantages of this approach is the availability of a direct Over-the-counter trading desk for instant purchase at low commissions. This makes the given approach the safest of all available for buying Bitcoin.

Key Takeaways

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are among the most attractive forms of investments. To buy Bitcoin can be a hassle for users unfamiliar with crypto. However, services like Embily allow users to buy Bitcoin using safe and familiar tools like bank cards.

This is Not Financial Advice. 

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