The History of Long-Distance Communication: Pre-phones & Internet

Communication. With the mention of that word, what is the first thing that comes into your head? Is it simply talking to someone? What about sending them a letter in the post, or sending them a text message? Or is it waving at somebody or giving them the rude middle finger?

Communication is such a vital part of our everyday lives and it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and its form will greatly vary. Read more

The rise of Digital-Only Banks

The rise of Digital-Only Banks

Each year we get to see all sorts of different advances and innovations being made across every kind of industry. Especially an industry as hot as FinTech, where even the traditional banks are trying to stay ahead of the curve of their competitors with modern digital applications and platforms.

As time advances, the convenience and digital security of banks become increasingly important for its users, as being able to manage your finances from anywhere in the world at a moments notice is now something that a lot of people have to come to expect and rely on. Read more


Small Things Can Lead Up To Big Changes

Have you ever heard of the saying “Small things can lead to big changes”? What about “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, surely, you’ve heard of the latter saying. But how often do you notice the small steps that are taken when in process of changing or working on something? In order to make big changes in our life, it’s always easier to take those small steps and complete the little milestones before deciding to tackle the big change. Read more


How Fintech Helps The Less Connected

It’s not hard for most of us to take the technology that we have for granted. Everything is usually within arm’s reach, being either on our mobile phones or on our computers. The banking apps that we have on our mobiles are always updated with the aim of making our lives more convenient and when the times where a more important issue requires us to visit the local bank, it’s usually just a quick visit not too far away. Read more

The History of Western Union

If you’ve ever needed to send money abroad, then you’ve probably used or at least thought of using Western Union. They have quite a large presence in the field along with a solid user-base that frequently uses their services. So, just how and where did it all start and how relevant are Western Unions’ services today compared to all the different online solutions that we now have available to us. Read more

How Paper Money Is Made

Did you know that out of the entire world’s currency, only 8% of it is actually physical cash? That’s a huge amount of the world’s currency that isn’t physically circulating between the populations’ hands.  In the USA alone, an estimated amount of around $650 million USD is printed every single day! Now not to worry, that doesn’t mean that every day there is an additional $650 million USD being put into circulation. Read more