For Blockchain professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts, E-Allied offers a card, which streamlines conversion of digital assets to fiat currencies. The card can be used to pay in-store and online and also in ATMs worldwide.

For E-Allied, we have built an online portal and developed a processing system with the following features:

  • Ability to top-up cards with different digital assets
  • The processing module assigns unique ID’s for each transaction, so the system knows what account it belongs to
  • The processing happens within 1 hour

Each card has an assigned address for ease of processing

Blueprint Technical Consulting

BTCL.HK is a technical consulting company that provides technical documentation, research and studies for industrial and commercial development projects. Some of the projects the company was working on required placement of staff in countries with strict financial controls and having them paid on time was a problem that needed to be solved.

We have developed a processing module for the company and integrated the suppliers and employees of the company without the single infrastructure. Once the supplier makes a transaction, it is be registered and confirmed by the system and payouts to employees are initiated within a few hours. Before the system was implemented the employees had to wait for 2 weeks to receive the payouts and the loss on commissions was as high as 15%.

United Best Engineering

United Best Engineering is an engineering company in Hong Kong that needed a reliable way to pay suppliers of machinery in China. We have developed a payment gateway that connected both parties and allowed for swift payments between them and also issued tracking tokens for each item ordered from the suppliers, so the client could track the logistics and delivery of the machinery ordered.