Crypto Drama – Benefit or Detriment?

Drama. Drama as far as the eye can see. When it comes to crypto, is drama beneficial or is it detrimental to the image of crypto? Today I would like to have a look into Crypto-Drama as a whole and approach it from both sides while trying to decide which I agree more with.

When it comes to drama and frayed ego’s in the crypto world, few names pop to mind almost immediately. Roger Ver. Vitalik Buterin. Andreas Antonopoulos. John McAfee. Craig Wright. Some as beacons of hope and champions of the people, some as usurpers of titles, lack of moral integrity or just good old fashioned abrasive personality.

Smoke And Mirrors

You would be hard-pressed to find a more abrasive character in Crypto space than Roger Ver, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin Jesus himself.

Roger Ver is the main man for Bitcoin Cash, a fork of the “OG” Bitcoin that the greater Bitcoin and Crypto community have very polarizing opinions about. Roger Ver has become infamous for coming across as self-stroking egomaniac hell-bent on convincing that his off-brand Bitcoin is THE Bitcoin. His temper tantrums and mental meltdowns have acquired a meme status for Crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

On top of getting triggered by a simple abbreviation, Ver has been involved in some pretty shady business practices. Taking over the @Bitcoin handle on Twitter and domain name to further The “Bitcoin Cash is THE Bitcoin” propaganda being just one of them. Going so far as to allegedly deliberately confusing crypto newbies into buying Bitcoin Cash, while they are convinced they are getting actual Bitcoin.


Roger Ver fishing for Crypto noobs.

As if slowly becoming a crypto pariah was not enough for Ver, he decided that wealth-shaming one of the most influential Crypto and Bitcoin guru’s out there was a good idea.

It somewhat backfired as the crypto community rallied behind Andreas Antonopoulos in force and started donating large amounts of Bitcoin. At the time of this happening, when the crypto markets were “mooning” the total sum donated was reported to be close to $1.5 million US dollars worth of Bitcoin.

That’s no chump-change, for sure. Why did so many stand behind Andreas when he became a target of ridicule? One just needs to read some of the tweet responses to understand why.

Andreas had become involved in Crypto drama without even realizing it and came out on top. Not something a lot of high profile crypto-personalities can boast about. Andreas is the “Mr Miyagi” to so many “Bitcoin Karate Kids”, their source of inspiration and driving force to innovate, create and propagate. No wonder everyone stood up as one to defend him in time of need.

Hot Dog

So far, we have seen cases of people making drama and pulling others in drama. What if you ARE the drama?

John McAfee is an international man of mystery and theatricals. Once having faked a heart-attack to avoid being deported to Belize under murder allegations, John entered the crypto space with large aspirations and a great pedigree to his opinion.

John is after all the inventor and namesake of the infamous McAfee Antivirus software that everyone in their twenties has used at least once in their lifetime. Hailing from cyber-security world John McAfee and his outlandish claims have been received with gusto by many.

I personally do not understand why considering we are talking about John McAfee after all.

Perhaps for some older investors who still remember his software being relevant. He has certain “Trump” appeal. He says what he wants and is all out of crap to give.

Most recently, he has been making incredible Bitcoin price predictions and is willing to bet his own crown jewels on it.

You can follow his penile adventure on this handy “Will McAfee Eat His Own Dick” website.

Charging 100 grand to shill random altcoins he should be able to afford some caviar and truffles as condiments for the upcoming hot-dog eating show.

Telling Wright From Wrong

Ah yes, the infamous Craig “Faketoshi” Wright. How could he possibly escape any conversation about crypto drama?


Craig Wright is an Australian entrepreneur with quite impressive pedigree and skills. Nobody is doubting that. What people do seem to have a hard time believing is that he is THE Satoshi Nakamoto – the anonymous, enigmatic and mysterious person(s) who invented the Bitcoin and wrote its whitepaper back in 2008.

Nobody knows who/what Satoshi Nakamoto is. There are a lot of wild theories some of which even include time-travel and alternate dimensions. We are not going to dig into those, however. Not today.

Craig Wright was said to be exposed by hackers who ransacked his personal email account. According to them, Satoshi Nakamoto was a joint pseudonym for Craig Wright and computer forensics analyst David Kleiman. Wright came out to the public and said he is the original inventor of Bitcoin and his achievement has nothing to do with Mr Kleiman, who unfortunately passed away with cancer in 2013.

Wright has been under constant scrutiny and doubt ever since. He has even been hit with a 10 billion (that’s billion with a B) lawsuit from the wife of late David Kleiman, supposedly for stealing Kleiman’s Bitcoin wealth, allegedly a mind-blowing sum of 1.1 million Bitcoins.

Tough choice, claim and prove you are Satoshi and get hit by a 10 Billion dollar bill (provided he loses the lawsuit) or hush up and be cast into eternity as a failed con artist potentially ruining your entire career as an academic and investor.

That said, it might be a bit too late to avoid that.

Craig has been appearing in media time and time again with a rather brazen attitude, claiming that he is Satoshi, Bitcoin is his technology and that everyone who ever even thought of crypto should be bowing to his ultimate intellect and expertise.

And this cavalier attitude is not an isolated incident either. He got upset when Bitcoin Gold’s Jack Liao answered a Chinese question in Chinese.

wright 2

This is how Craig Wright must see himself in the mirror.

There are other high profile crypto visionaries who are openly doubting Wrights claim for the fame of Nakamoto, not just Jack Liao.

Vitalik Buterin, the poster-boy of Russian crypto scene and the proud founder of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency to date, has been very open in his doubts of Wright’s claims and does not shy away from calling him a fraud.


So does drama help or hurt the crypto scene? In a typical journalistic non-answer i have to say its a bit of both actually. It makes headlines, it makes people talk about these topics, it shines a big spotlight on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the utterly alien and new ecosystem of crypto as a whole.

The only reason a lot of people even know about Bitcoin is because McAffe promised to literally eat his own genitalia if his predictions fall short. Crap like this is why Janice from your local cornerstore is suddenly a financial advisor. Drama brings the crowd and crypto need crowds if it ever hopes to be mass-adopted.

On the other hand of the spectrum, how can we expect for crypto to go mainstream if it is being associated with eating genitalia, certain cryptocurrencies pretending to be other cryptocurrencies, supposedly dreamt up by self-centered and egoistical know-it-alls?

Its a catch-22, a strange and exciting balancing act. Only time will tell how it pans out. For now, im going to go make another bowl of popcorn.

Cover illustration artist Littleboyathome, DeviantArt

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