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Customers have already got the first batch of cards

Finally the moment came when our customers started using their cards again

Back in September, we sent our users the first batch of plastic cards, and also gave all existing users virtual cards that they could use instantly.

Activating a virtual card takes just 5 minutes, as does the process of adding a card to Apple Pay, and voila, the card is on your iPhone and you can make your daily purchases using our card.

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Our customers are already sharing screenshots of how they added the card to their Apple Wallets and make purchases. In fact, this is very convenient when both the crypto and the card are in the phone. Top up your card with cryptocurrency and spend it in the store paying with your phone.

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All our users will receive cards in the same packaging. Inside it will be a card and instructions for activation. Our 24/7 support team will be happy to answer any other questions.

In the near future, we will send the next batch of cards to our users.

Will be waiting for your feedback on cards!

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