22 February 2022
Embily Obtains PCI DSS Certification
Embily Obtains PCI DSS Certification

Embily™ global payment network  has passed  PCI DSS certification, an information security standard for organizations that handle branded payment cards. Сompliance with the PCI DSS 3.2.1 standard is one of the many security features that allows Embily to continue to protect the integrity of customers banking data, therefore ensuring that the company remains in compliance with international security requirements around transactions and personal cardholder data. As the company continues to expand its crypto-debit card services, the certification is a testament to the high degree of protection that cardholders have against fraudulent activities or information theft. In accordance with a strong commitment to information security, Embily applies for the PCI DSS certificate every year. 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an international security standard developed for the bank card and payments industry. The standard was developed by a security council composed of representatives from  major international payment systems and came into force in 2006 as a mandatory requirement for all transaction operators. The standard consists of a set of obligatory requirements which together  ensure the secure processing and storage of the personal data of bank cardholders.

Broadly speaking, the advanced security layers which make up PCI DCC serve to protect the data on financial transactions by protecting the security infrastructure of those processing and conducting them. The PCI DSS standard is essential to the prevention of fraud and allows all parties to a transaction to ascertain the reliability of incoming and outgoing requests. The latest version of the PCI DSS certificate – 3.2.1 – was introduced in May of 2018 and foresees several improvements over previous iterations: adding extra layers of security and improving the overall operational efficiency of the underlying system. 

Compliance with the PCI DSS certificate allows Embily to continue to conduct transactions and process incoming operations with the highest degree of security while also allowing users to store their personal data and make payments using international payment systems, like Visa. The certification also enables Embily to verify that   transactions made with both cryptocurrencies and fiat via financial institutions remain safe and free of third-party interference. 

“Our compliance with the PCI DSS certificate is proof of the credibility and reliability of our company as a bridge between the conventional financial and decentralized finance industries. We aim to close the loop between traditional banking and cryptocurrency transactions. The high degree of security PCI DSS provides allows our users to rest assured that their funds are secure and fraud is virtually impossible,” as stated by Eugeniy Khashin, the CTO of Embily.

For organizations and businesses seeking to conduct transactions with large volumes of cryptocurrencies, PCI DSS compliance is a sign of the integrity and security of the international operation they are partnering with . With this knowledge, the Embily global payment network is determined to continue updating its PCI DSS certification regularly to comply with all international transaction and data security requirements.

Obtaining this certificate is also necessary to launch new functionalities including on-platform purchase of crypto.

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