25 November 2021
How To protect Your Embily Account
How To protect Your Embily Account

How To protect Your Embily Account From External Access – The Security

The Embily crypto card service provider and payment gateway is always vigilant when it comes to the security of user assets and related equipment. Embily applies the latest in online and digital security technologies and protection measures. However, malevolent actors in the market and in digital space can conduct a broad range of attacks on digital bank cards.

The following are some of the most basic and essential measures users can rely on to ensure the security of their funds and the safety of their digital Embily bank cards.

Using a bank card is no longer a simple matter of swiping it across a POS terminal or inserting it into an ATM slot. Some attackers have found ways of penetrating such advanced or isolated systems to conduct direct attacks on card PIN codes. If any suspicion arises regarding the integrity of a specific machine or terminal, users are advised to change their PIN codes regularly and make sure that it is always kept in a safe place and never written down on the card itself to prevent penetration loss.

The Embily service provides real-time spending tracking online, giving users instant access to an overview of all of their transaction history. Regular monitoring of spending can reveal suspicious transactions that users have not made. Should such transactions be identified, we advise our users to immediately contact the Embily support team and request assistance in rectifying the situation.

External factors are also at play when it comes to bank card security. All Embily cards are PCI DSS certified. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards established in 2004 by Visa, MasterCard, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, and American Express, and regulated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The standard aims to secure credit and debit card transactions against data theft and fraud. PCI certification is considered to be the best way to safeguard sensitive data and information. As such, holders of Embily cards can be confident that their personal data is maintained and handled using the latest security measures and the chances of fraud are minimal.

Embily is also a licensed e-money card issuer with European bank partners among the list of its supported infrastructures on the global level. Such ramification and integration of Embily services into financial systems ensures the overall security and integrity of all transactions and related data.

Maintaining the security of bank cards is not only the issuer's responsibility but also a question of cardholder vigilance. While embedded security measures can prevent the majority of attacks and possibilities of compromise, users are urged to follow a set of simple guidelines to ensure the safety of their holdings.