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Dubai 2020

Dubai — One of the world’s fastest growing economies!

With the introduction of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in 2004, it has allowed Dubai to develop as a global hub for service industries such as IT and finance.

Dubai’s commitment to investing in its future and dedicating resources to blockchain technology makes it the ideal place for blockchain companies.

The CEO of the B-I-G.PRO  and Co-Founder of Embily Alexander Bychkov held highly significant meetings this weekend in Dubai. He presented solutions that the Embily Payment Platform can offer.

The first meeting Alexander Bychkov held with the most popular motivational speaker in China — Chen Anzhi. He is also called China’s Tony Robbins.

Chen Anzhi, who also goes by Steve Chen, is practically a household name in China. His books and CDs line airport shelves, with titles like The Biggest Secrets of Success, Diamond Success Methods, Super Success Studies Action Handbook, and Success for Kids.

Chen Anzhi is interested in Embily Payment Platform and he will present our platform to companies in Dubai. He also liked what features the Embily app has and how easy it is to use a crypto card in real life.

Dubai’s District 2020 to Feature Blockchain Campus

Chinese investment and incubation company Atlas Capital Holding will build a blockchain campus of more than 15,000 sqm at District 2020.

Rain Huan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Atlas Capital commented: “Committing to District 2020 is an exciting new chapter for Atlas Capital. Our vision is to support Dubai in its goal of developing into a long-term hub for innovation by creating a Blockchain Campus of the future — an industry hub dedicated to connecting blockchain researchers and entrepreneurs with investors.”[1]

Alexander Bychkov also held another important meeting with the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Atlas Capital Rain Huan.

Rain Huan said that Atlas Capital has an opportunity to create a digital currency and official blockchain wallet as they innovate into the future. Crypto banking is needed for the full functioning of District 2020, therefore, the Atlas Capital is interested in the solutions and infrastructure of Embily Payment Platform.

Alexander Bychkov and Rain Huan defined the vector of cooperation.

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