Embily and B-I-G Announce New Partnership


Embily and Blockchain International Group (B-I-G) are pleased to announce our new strategic partnership

Embily has the ability to provide our clients with solutions like enhancing payment processes with our prepaid card programs, establishing a custom built payment platform with our white label service and integrating blockchain into our clients’ businesses. The services that we provide are backed by experienced team members that are ready to assist in our clients’ needs.

Blockchain International Group is a team that’s full of blockchain enthusiasts with a vision of bringing blockchain technology to businesses all around South East Asia. With B-I-G’s offices being located in Singapore, as well as other parts of South East Asia, and Embily in Dubai and Thailand, it made full strategic sense to form a partnership.

Embily will assist B-I-G in the building of platforms as well as blockchain integrations for the clients that B-I-G reach out too. Our combined knowledge and skills will greatly help our clients to find the right solutions for their needs. In this partnership, B-I-G will also represent the services that both Embily and B-I-G provide for larger corporate inquiries within South East Asia.

This alliance helps us both to further develop our work and platforms. Financial Technology and Blockchain Technology is ever changing and always improving and together we can move forward.

To a prosperous future for both companies!


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