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EMBILY: Instant Top Up

Generally, a transaction is considered a success (or completed) after six block confirmations. But on Embily Payment Platform the account is topped up after two confirmations!

Transaction confirmation is needed to prevent double-spending of the same money. As soon as the sender transfers the funds, the transaction enters the Ethereum network for execution and inclusion in the block.

The process of adding a transaction to the found block is called transaction confirmation, one block includes one confirmation.

The speed of confirmation depends on several factors, such as: the workload of the Ethereum network itself, the size of the commission and the complexity of the block. But the feature of Ethereum is that the protocol constantly regulates the complexity of the block, either reduces or increases.

In that way, the time required for block validation is set automatically for constant compliance with the current parameters (on average, this time is 15 seconds).

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