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Embily Sponsored Pattaya Destroyers Stand Out In The AMHEL Hockey League


Get your hockey sticks and sharpen your skates as once again, Embily is proud to sponsor the Pattaya Destroyers for the big 2018 Annual Amateur Hockey Euroleague (AMHEL). This isn’t the first time that we’ve sponsored the local Thai hockey team, as previously we had sponsored the Destroyers for a smaller local event, and we sure hope that there will be many more tournaments to come.

With our new revamped logo, it meant for new jerseys to be ordered for the team to play in. On the first game day, the staff at the Bangkok office spent the lunchtime and some of the afternoon attending the tournament, to watch the Pattaya Destroyer’s first game of the tourney.

The Destroyers went on to win their first game with flying colours. Unfortunately, we had to get back to the office and wasn’t able to stay longer to see any flying V formations being rocked out. It worked for the Mighty Ducks, so it can work for others, right?

Catch up with Pattaya Destroyers performance here.

The tournament lasted a few days, with the finals being held on Friday and Saturday. Anyhow, we’re proud that the Destroyers went on to win their division as well as having the most points in the tournament. Go Pattaya Destroyers!



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