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Embily Uses DHL GoGreen Solutions

Despite the fact that our company does not have any harmful industries and activities are carried out in offices without harming the environment, we still care about our Nature!

Embily delivers cards and documents only using DHL GoGreen Solutions. Firstly, it is fast, reliable and on time. Secondly, DHL has developed a program to take care of the environment. These two factors are very important for us!

Combating climate change by becoming more carbon efficient, and delivering sustainable value to society and communities is an integral part of DHL strategy. With transport at the core of their business, they produce CO2, the main cause of climate change. DHL initiated the “GoGreen” environmental protection program to accept responsibility for the environment by reducing their impact.

Emission friendly choices to meet all transportation needs. DHL offer a number of service options for minimising and/or avoiding logistics-related emissions, waste and other environmental impacts along entire supply chain.

DHL aim to improve their CO2 efficiency, including subcontractors, by 30% by the year 2020, compared to their 2007 baseline.

They offer a range of products and services to their customers that can help reduce a carbon footprint.

To achieve these goals, DHL is implementing a number of activities worldwide:

  • Continuously monitors the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Implements energy-saving programs;
  • Regulates fuel-saving programs (reduction of business trips — use of video conferences and telephone conversations, use of eco-friendly transport);
  • Separates production waste;
  • Use the paper again.

Take Care of Nature! It Is Our Home!

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