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The smoothest way to pay with crypto

Thousands of people around the world use Embily cards to make day-to-day payments, withdraw cash and transfer funds. Just top-up your wallet with crypto and start enjoying the benefits of the platform.
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Meet the new worldwide
acceptable crypto-friendly card

Use card to buy your morning coffee, pay for taxi, pay off your credit and much more. With Embily Visa card it is easy and convenient.
    Debit plastic or virtual Visa card in EUR
    Fast plastic card delivery to your place
    Virtual card is ready to use in 5 minutes

Top up with crypto as fast as it gets

Deposit funds to your wallet with crypto in minutes with competitive exchange rates. Just choose a currency from the wide list at your dashboard, copy address and send crypto. It will be automatically converted into USD and deposited to your Embily Card.
crypto wallets crypto phone
crypto wallets crypto phone

Manage your card and activity

User-friendly Embily account allows you to manage up to 5 cards, send funds, track expenses, freeze your card, change pin, and much more.

Make contactless payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay

Add your Embily card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. Make your payments easy and secure.

Use your card worldwide

Everywhere Visa is accepted. Shop online and offline at millions of merchants worldwide. Withdraw cash from any ATM.
The highest level of security
  • Pci dss certified
  • American bank partner

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  • American bank partner
  • Fast and free delivery
  • 24/7 online support
  • Favorable conversion rate
  • Instant crypto to fiat exchange
  • Trade digital assets
  • Individual Checking account
  • SWIFT and ACH transfers
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Just a few steps to get the card

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Welcome to Embily

Welcome to Embily

  • The easiest way to spend crypto worldwide
  • Instant transactions and payments
  • Track your spend through the Web App
  • Easily choose which crypto you spend
  • World-class security to keep your crypto safe
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