End Of The Week Report, 15th June 2018

And just like that, Friday rings in the weekend once more. Seems like just yesterday Loy tried to wish Bitcoin into learning the difference between up and down in his last report. One you can refresh your memory with right here. Your Crypto Monday Report – 11th June 2018 

Alas, Friday is indeed upon us and brings with it a lot of baggage we must sort through. Let’s begin from the top!


Monday 11th

One of the biggest crypto exchanges Bitmex seems to be sending mixed messages. They have released a research paper aimed at their VIP’s and supposedly warns not to get too carried away with the crypto drama and classifies crypto “useful niche,” going so far as to call anyone hoping for more as “naive”. That’s like your local baker calling you fat! Don’t bite the hand that buys half a dozen Danish pastries every morning, Phil!
Bitmex to VIPs: Bitcoin Won’t Replace Fiat, Just a ‘Useful Niche,’ Enthusiasts ‘Naive’


Tuesday 12th

It is always exciting to see how new technologies can be used for new and inventive ways that may not benefit us directly but certainly enrich our lives. Video game industry began their story on military rocket trajectory calculating computer hooked up to an oscilloscope to create a rudimentary tennis game. Not because it cured cancer or solved world hunger problem, but because it brought joy and fun into our lives. It is exciting to see how blockchain technology can overhaul the gaming industry. Find more info about latest developments in this field below.
Video Games and Blockchain: New Experience for Players or More Profit for Developers?

To learn more on the topic, be sure to check Loy’s dive into the world where gaming and blockchain benefit each other.
Blockchain Technology & Gaming: My Hopes For The Future


Wednesday 13th

Coinbase releases a crypto index fund, aimed at experienced and (most importantly) wealthy customers. The minimum entry fee is a whopping $250,000 with the max limit sitting confidently at $20M. For those of us who can afford it, index funds can offer a relatively tame investment environment. I don’t think I will be participating in this one though.
Coinbase’s New Index Fund for Investors Is Now Live


Thursday 14th

Investment information and online knowledge base Investopedia released an article concerning most every crypto enthusiast I know. That’s right. Let’s talk about the bubble.
Is the Bitcoin Bubble Finally Over?
bubble over


Friday 15th

And to wrap up with a positive dose of crypto optimism! The Bitcoin Lightning network is being rigorously put through its paces and is reporting incredible transaction speeds and fees lower than ever before. One of the reasons why this public beta testing of the Lightning network is so successful is due to the sheer amount of data from active real-life users. A dedicated website harking back to early .COM days when a budding Internet aficionado offered to buy pixels on his blog page, allowing early internet denizens to express their love, hate and opinions through minimalistic messages assembled by colored pixels. And became a millionaire, but that’s another story.

The website currently boosting Lightning network research is satoshis.place, where you can draw some pixel “art” and pay for it with Bitcoin using the Lightning network. Below is a neat video with a timeline of the artboard as more and more people flock to it. Be advised, the artboard features messages posted by anonymous community members, thus can offend some.

With that, our recap of the week is over. Go on, get out there and enjoy your weekend. See you back here on Monday when Loy will update you with crypto news that you may have missed.

Cover illustration artist la-nicole, DeviantArt

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