End Of The Week Report, 1st June 2018

It has been a very busy week for crypto. Especially for all things surrounding Ethereum. The second largest cryptocurrency to date is lauded to be met with similar sibling rivalry as can be currently witnessed in the Bitcoin family. Hopefully with less backstabbing and pretending. Time will tell, but right now it is time to look back and review this past week of Crypto.


Monday 28th
How Lithuania Became a Hub of Cryptocurrency Innovation

My very own Baltic states on the crypto-map! That is not something we see every day. Lithuania has been stepping up their cryptogame and is rapidly becoming a place where crypto-visionaries go to make dreams come true. Also build cryptocurrencies, launch ICO’s, dApps and other stuff too. Read up about what stuff in the article below.
How Lithuania Became a Hub of Cryptocurrency Innovation


Tuesday 29th
South Korea: Government Committee Plans to Make ICOs Legal Again

Back to Asia for Tuesday. South Korea as always making ripples in the pond by seemingly ready to flip their coat in regards to ICO’s and their legal status. I guess once all the banning has been taken care of, its time for regulating.
South Korea: Government Committee Plans to Make ICOs Legal Again


Wednesday 30th
Twitter Scams Are Getting Out of Hand

Indeed, it seems every single high-profile Crypto oriented Twitter account has an army of fake impersonators ready to shill their fill. Vitalik Buterin has renamed his Twitter account to “Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin” to combat this. Odds are scammers just made a bunch of accounts that are similar to that instead.
Twitter Scams Are Getting Out of Hand


Thursday 31st
TRON Odyssey 2.0 Launched – TRX Down -40%

Crypto market is very volatile. That is the first thing anyone will tell you. It is largely based on FUD on one hand and FOMO on the other, emotions if you will. So when an established Crypto launches their MainNet there is usually a large spike in price. Oddly, that did not prove to be the case for TRON.
TRON Odyssey 2.0 Launched – TRX Down -40%


Friday 1st
The EOS Blockchain Launch: What Should Happen (And What Could Go Wrong)

This is it. One of the biggest launches of the year and undisputed record setter in ICO funding – EOS blockchain is finally launching. It is said to be the Ethereum killer, allowing to process more transactions than ETH currently can. But all that is still in the air since ETH is diligently working their way towards their partnership with OMG and their baby – the Plasma. For now, new contender is ready to enter the ring. Only time will tell how this competition will pan out.
The EOS Blockchain Launch: What Should Happen (And What Could Go Wrong)

Many prominent crypto denizens have been quite vocal in their opinions about the project. Most notably Litecoin’s very own Charlie Lee.

Omar Bham was quick to point out the clear formation of fandoms for each of the cryptocurrencies.

What is also important to note, and this is a sort of PSA to all of you who do have EOS, is to register them right NOW because there is a day left for you to do so.

P.S. If you follow Zooko’s tweet make sure NOT to fall for the aforementioned Twitter scams offered by impersonators. Always double-check names, post history and use common sense.


Here are a couple of handy links for EOS holders. A nifty countdown timer and a guide on how to register your EOS tokens before it is too late.
EOS Launch Countdown
Detailed Guide To EOS Token Registration


That wraps up the week. Make sure to enjoy your weekend because we are going to back at it on Monday. Speaking of, catch up with our Monday report diligently prepared by Kiatisak right here.
Your Crypto Monday Report – 28th May 2018

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