End Of The Week Report, 25th May 2018

In timeless lyrics of Rebecca Black,

“Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today it is Friday, Friday”

Becca, you clever girl, you. You are right. It really IS Friday. The girl can tell her days apart, good on her. Can you?

Let us review the days of the week together and perhaps learn something new about crypto in the process!


Monday 21st
Google Courts Ethereum Founder For Possible Cryptocurrency

It seems Google and Vitalik Buterin could be having a love affair, reportedly to bring about a new cryptocurrency. This affair, however, has the potential to break up the Ethereum family since Vitalik is not one to divide his focus and even asked the greater crypto community on twitter if he should dump Ethereum and work for Google instead. This poll was taken down shortly but majority of the 2000 participating voters would like Vitalik to stay faithful to Ethereum.


Tuesday 22nd
Bitcoin Pizza Day: Celebrating the Pizzas Bought for 10,000 BTC

Eight years ago Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins, this is considered by many as the first instance of Bitcoin consumer transaction. Back then it cost 25$. Today those 10,000 Bitcoins would round up to about $5 million. Hey, it was pizza. Worth it.


Wednesday 23rd
Craig Wright Has Beef With Jack Liao

No, they did not share a steak. The infamous self-proclaimed “Satoshi” Craig Wright walked out of a crypto conference in Taiwan when the Chinese speaking audience asked Jack Liao, the CEO of LightningASIC and founder of Bitcoin Gold a question in Chinese and Jack began to answer in Chinese. Unhappy with the default choice of language Wright made a scene before walking out of the conference. Apparently thinks the whole ordeal was funny.

Bitcoin Gold Hit by Double Spend Attack, Exchanges Lose Millions

Less than a day after stepping in the spotlight by trading rough words with Craig “Faketoshi” Wright, Jack Liao was once again in a maelstrom of drama. His founded cryptocurrency Bitcoin Gold had fallen prey to a so-called “Double Spend Attack”, losing millions to exchanges in process.

Thursday 24th
Craig Wright To Rwanda: I’ve Got More Money Than Your Country

The dumpster-fire on tracks turned train-wreck that is Craig Wright’s public relations is roaring this week. In a bid to piss off the entire world, not just the crypto one, Craig Wright attended the Transform Africa Summit 2018 and was reported on Thursday to have been quite insulting. Stepping up to the podium only to boast how little he cares about Rwanda and how much richer he is than the African country. This man is a gift that just keeps on giving.

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Friday 25th
German Bank and Steel Conglomerate Execute Forex Transaction via Blockchain

In a bid to wrap up this rather dramatic week in Crypto, Germans are stepping up their crypto game by celebrating the use of Blockchain to execute a Forex trade transaction between Commerzbank and steel giant Thyssenkrupp.

Cover illustration artist ahermin, DeviantArt

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