End of the week report, 27th April 2018


Its that magical time of the week again. The Monday blues have been vanquished and humpday survived – thank blockchain its Friday! As per our usual schedule, I present you with a hand-picked collection of last weeks news and happenings.

In the world of crypto, not a day goes by without something happening. Especially lately when the charts are green and expectations high. Here are some of the news events I think are worth a read and you (yes, you) should give them a read. Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Monday 23rd

The Russians lead this weeks news charge with concerns over their recently drafted Crypto Bill. The federal law draft on Digital Financial Assets for Russia was finalized and submitted for review on last Saturday, April 21st. Issues were raised regarding unjustified restrictions on Russian residents as well as foreign investors.


Tuesday 24th

Tuesday was all about MyEtherWallet, a very popular Ethereum wallet that is used by great many Ethereum and other CR20 compatible token holders and traders. The day did not start very well for MEW as it was revealed that their DNS server had been compromised and hackers made off with 215 ETH which comes to about $160,000.


It was not all doom and gloom at the MEW offices though as they turned the flow of bad news around with a partnership announcement. Kyber Network and MEW are offering the MEW users the option to exchange their ETH for a plethora of other CR20 tokens without ever sending the funds to an exchange. Exchange your tokens in the comfort of your own wallet and the ease of use that MyEtherWallet provides.


Wednesday 25th

One of the largest South Korean video game and entertainment corporations Nexon is in progress to finalize a $350 million acquisition deal with Bitstamp, reportedly one of the oldest still functioning crypto exchanges in the world. They will certainly bring a lot of experience and pedigree to Nexon’s future crypto related projects, whatever they may be. Being an avid gamer myself, I am particularly curious about what could come of this.




Wednesday continued with an interesting article making rounds on quite a few crypto oriented websites. Sensationalist title aside, the MIT article is very well composed and looks at possible ways Bitcoin could go the way of the Dodo. Read up on the article right here, just keep in mind these are guesses. Educated guesses but guesses none the less.


Thursday 26th

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman has come to the crypto worlds attention with her recent statement that they are open to Nasdaq becoming more than just old-fashioned stock exchange and would like to become a crypto exchange as well. Nasdaq is the second largest stock exchange in the world, losing only to New York Stock Exchange in battle for the first place.


Right after the humpday Bitcoin was gearing up to overcome a milestone of its own. The 17 Millionth Bitcoin was about to be mined. This excellent article looks into why it is such a big deal and why you, as a crypto enthusiast, should care.


Friday 27th

To finish off this fantastic week, we get blast from the past in form of news from the infamous Mount Gox exchange wallets. Mt.Gox held the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, until in 2014 hackers breached it and made away with 850,000 BTC which was equivalent of $460 million in cash. Speculation is rife whether the coins were sold or just moved to another storage. Read all about it below.

Thus concludes my overview of last weeks events. To catch up with what happened last weekend make sure to catch up our Monday report here.

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