End of the week report, 3rd August 2018


The Embily team wishes that everyone had a lovely weekday, working away at our jobs or just getting along with our own personal goals. We all know that the world of Crypto never sleeps, and so it can be difficult to keep up with every piece of news. Not to worry! The Embily team has compiled some of the more interesting and/or important news for you, here in our End of the week report.

The prices seem to be supporting themselves rather well, hovering above mid 7k. Bitcoin managed to regain a lot of the market dominance, as well as help, raise the market cap. Let’s hope things stay this way!


Monday 30th

For 7 whole days, starting from the 26th of July until 2nd of August, we held a soft launch promotion of our prepaid cards. Though this promotion is over for the time being, if any of you reading out there have any interest in getting your very own Embily card, you can sign up for an account at our website here.

We hope to see you soon!


Let’s start off with some acceptance and adoption news. It seems that the NFL players have been doing some research of their own and now want to earn Crypto of their own. With such a massive fanbase, I can only see this set off a wave of influence.
The Daily: NFL Players to Earn Crypto


Also, a Japanese company that goes by the name of Samurai && J Partners Co. Ltd. Have recently just introduced a mortgage program that will allow homeowners with Crypto to take out loans by using their crypto as collateral. More and more adoption, hurray!
Japanese Public Company Offering Loans Secured by BTC, BCH, ETH


Tuesday 31st

Not the best of news for you if you’re a South Korean crypto exchange. It seems that South Korea will be ending tax breaks for crypto exchanges. One of their reasons is that they believe it helps regulators recognize cryptocurrencies as a new asset class, as well as help with securities and protection against fraud.
Bitcoin Edges Down; South Korea to End Tax Breaks for Crypto Exchanges


Have you heard of the wallet Bitfi? They claimed that they were unhackable, and John McAfee initially offered $100,000 USD for anyone that can empty the contents of a BitFi waller that was pre-loaded and sent to you. Well, as of recent events, that number has jumped to $250,000 USD. Any of you hackers out there ready?
Bounty for hacking the ‘unhackable’ Bitfi wallet jumps from $100K to $250K


Wednesday 1st

Remember all the news and drama that surrounded companies working in the crypto field, and banks were shutting down their bank accounts or just outright refusing to work with them? Well, the banks are slowly losing this war. Hurray for Crypto.
Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Wins Injunction Against Bank Who Closed Its Account


If you can’t beat them, join them, right? Many of the large and older wall street giants were very publicly against Bitcoin and Crypto. But fast forward a few years, and we are starting to see news of former anti-crypto companies making a consideration for Digital assets and Cryptocurrencies.
Morgan Stanley Hires Credit Suisse Crypto Expert as Head of Digital Asset Markets


Thursday 2nd

And let’s end it with something that’s a bit of a PSA. I feel like this doesn’t really need to be said, but just in case. Never click on any suspicious links. Especially if it’s something like this that’s asking you about your Private Key. Remember, your wallet’s private key is for you to know only. That’s why it’s called a private key.
Scam: This was posted in comments on Bitcoin Sub-Reddit. I feel it’s obvious but never do this…



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