End of the week report, 4th May 2018

The work week has finally ended. It dragged its heels over the humpday and finally managed to expire on Friday. The weekend is just around the corner to party away it’s passing. Before it really kicks off, let’s do a Post-Mortem overview of the dearly departed.


Monday 30th

MasterCard Publishes Patent To Speed Up Blockchain Node Activation

You know that situation where you are talking with your friends about the latest development in some advanced technology and suddenly your grandpa chimes in… and actually makes sense! Ever been there? No? We neither. Which makes this bit of news hard to comment on, I am at a loss for words. Go MasterCard, show them how pivoting is done!


Tuesday 1st

Crypto Needs More Than Code to Beat the ASIC Mining Threat

Touching on my recent article about ever-evolving computing power and what it means to crypto, this excellent piece reminds what crypto is all about – decentralization. If only big ASIC owning companies can compete, there is no decentralization. Read all about it.

Vitalik Releases Partial Proof-of-Concept for Ethereum ‘Sharding’ Tech

Vitalik of the Buterin variety has come out with a partial example of Ethereum’s efforts to fix its future scalability issues. Sharding is very important for Ethereum’s future. They may be the Nr.2 crypto coin/token out there now, but they will not stay there for long if Sharding tech remains just an idea. Glad to see Vitalik is not sitting on his hands.


Wednesday 2nd

‘Hacked’ Crypto Exchange BitGrail Shuts Down 3 Hours After Re-launch

Continuing the week with juicy news, BitGrail has probably set a new record for the shortest service re-opening ever. Just a few hours after going back online after being hacked, they got hit again! Not by hackers this time, but by court orders apparently.

BCash Fraudsters Gloating Over Failed Bitcoin Lawsuit

Bitcoin.com was in hot waters recently because they listed Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin and Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core on their website. Seems like Roger Ver’s personal crusade to prove the world wrong is never over, even after they reverted the listing. A lawsuit was proposed to sue them for fraud, funds to be donated by the Bitcoin community. Sadly the donation roundup has been lacklustre and BCash twitter @bitcoin account was all too eager to point that out.

Coincall.io is not going to have any of that crap though and are happy to point out some uncomfortable truths by listing BCash as a scam/shitcoin.
2018-05-04 16_17_15-#1 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker _ Coincall

Thursday 2nd

Kochava Release Details About Their Newly Launched Token XCHNG

Kochava is kicking things off on their take on blockchain advertising with the release of their XCHNG token. Most importantly the announcement includes a user manual for this new token and how it can revolutionize digital advertising.

We had the pleasure to hear Charles Manning speak at the Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok late last December. Catch up on that right here.


Friday 4th

Tempers Flare at Milken Institute Cryptocurrency Conference

Seems that Roger Ver is not the only one capable of crypto drama. Nouriel Roubini who also goes by the nickname “Dr.Doom” has been reported to call Bitcoin decentralization “bullshit”, among other things.

Bitcoin Smart Banknotes Launched in Singapore

Who said you cant touch crypto? Singapore is spearheading the mass adoption of Bitcoin to be used as payments by releasing banknotes for Bitcoin.

Dont know about you, but im ordering me one of these.



Cover illustration artist Digraldi, DeviantArt


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