End Of The Week Report, 8th June 2018

fridayrep0608TGIF! The weekend can kick off, its time to walk the dog and smell the roses. But before you unplug for the weekend, here are some hand-picked news posts that you should not have missed over the week.


Monday 4th

His Cryptodramaship John “Big Pump” McAffee himself has graced our Monday morning news with an announcement that he is planning to run and win the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections. A year ago I would have laughed at this as much as I laughed at Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, the presidential winner in the excellent comedy “Idiocracy”. After Donald took the office, my sense of humor has sort of changed. Follow the link about McAffee and his attempt to become the President of United States below. It has electrolytes!
John McAfee Announces 2020 Presidential Bid to Serve Crypto Community


Tuesday 5th

Tuesday served us with a portion of news regarding crypto-justice. For honest investors and businessmen, there are few things more enjoyable than seeing a notorious scam shut down and the scam-leaders brought to justice. There are thousands of crypto scams preying on ignorant investors, India is no exception. Luckily one of the biggest scams in India has been busted and their shop closed.
Police Forces Bust Alleged “New Age Cryptocurrency” Scam in India


Wednesday 6th

It is no wonder that in a country where the minimum wage is $1 a month, the interest in crypto is soaring. Power to the people means very little though if your starting capital is just under $2 and you still have bills to pay and kids to feed.
Bitcoin Buying on the Rise Again in Venezuela


Thursday 7th

Jamie Dimon cant seem to appear in the public without being quoted in relation to Bitcoin at least once a day it seems. Him and Warren Buffet have been some of the biggest large profile proponents to cryptocurrencies. Jamie used to call Bitcoin a fraud. These days he just advises caution and to “just beware”. A useful advice in all walks of life, really. Anyone should beware of anything they do that could potentially negatively affect them and their family. That can certainly be applicable to any type of investment, be it crypto or any of the “old money” investment tools like stocks, futures or securities.
‘Just Beware’ Is All Jamie Dimon Will Say About Bitcoin


Friday 8th

To end this week, an excellent reminder that Regulation is for the benefit of crypto-scene as a whole. Sure to disappoint anarchists everywhere, educated economical analysts seem to agree that the path to total Crypto adoption and legitimacy is through cooperation with the regulatory bodies. Questioning everything does not necessarily mean opposing everything.
Embracing Regulation Is Good for Bitcoin, Analyst Says


As i was saying… TGIF! Enjoy your weekend, denizens of cryptopia! Meet you here on Monday to catch up on weekend happenings. For now, why dont you check what you missed last weekend?
Your Crypto Monday Report – 4th June 2018

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