14 March 2022
Crypto as the most reliable instrument for cross-border payments
Crypto as the most reliable instrument for cross-border payments

The global economy is undergoing drastic changes in light of the rapid dynamics shaking the geopolitical arena. Many countries are entering protracted periods of economic restrictions imposed by sanctions. This has considerably hampered the possibilities for businesses, operations, and transactions as the interactions between nations and individuals become more and more limited.

With many key international payment systems falling victim to sanctions, the need to conduct efficient cross-border transactions remains of the utmost importance for individuals and businesses that must still continue with their day-to-day life in spite of the global crisis.   As businesses look for  alternative means of making payments, the introduction of cryptocurrencies might just  ameliorate the ruling global situation. It opens up new opportunities for companies and individuals in many everyday financial operations.

Cryptocurrencies are a reliable and fully secure means of making transactions. Not only that, but they have a history of benefiting from many crises that have shaken the global economy. From rising in value to gaining greater adoption, the growing popularization of cryptocurrency as a means of payment directly results from the failure of traditional payment gateways to remain independent of international political structures. The decentralized nature of the Blockchain gives it immunity from external influences, this innately protects businesses and individuals as they are free to conduct unlimited transactions without fear of sanctions or other restrictive factors.

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming  instruments of freedom: providing reliable access to finances for individuals while opening up entirely new horizons for business opportunities. The use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment fosters international cooperation among businesses regardless of limitations imposed by politicians.  The favorable market dynamics of leading cryptocurrencies also allow businesses to capitalize on the use of cryptocurrencies while taking advantage of dropping exchange rates for fiat currencies. Simply put, the trustless nature of the underlying blockchain makes cryptocurrencies a go-to solution for accepting and sending payments.

The use of cryptocurrencies was considered inconvenient for a very long time  and many thought such assets were accessible only to users with particular skill sets and specialized knowledge of the blockchain. However, the rapid spread of fintech services has allowed anyone with access to the internet to start using cryptocurrencies with the same degree of convenience as fiat funds. Fintech projects like Embily are developing the necessary infrastructure for making the transition to cryptocurrencies seamless for both private and corporate users.

Embily’s financial infrastructure allows businesses to conduct cryptocurrency transactions in bulk. Individuals can use their crypto-friendly cards to make everyday purchases by buying cryptocurrencies on the go. Embily allows straightforward financial operations and interactions with legacy systems using crypto. Whether it’s online payments or ATM transfers across the globe, the wide range of convenient functions enable users to manage cryptos through a one-stop comprehensive interface.

With a connection to the VISA network  and sound security framework based on the PCI DSS 3.2.1 standard, Embily provides a wide range of secure solutions for cryptocurrency operations that users can rely on when traditional international gateways fail. Embily’s host of tailored instruments and proprietary technology are designed to quickly and efficiently adapt to a rapidly changing global economic landscape.

In a world suffering from restrictive economic measures, they can become the definitive means  of making cross-border  payments . The Embily global payment network will continue to provide crypto bank services which cater to all business needs and clients.