01 December 2021
How to use crypto debit cards with Google Pay
How to use crypto debit cards with Google Pay

The use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is an increasingly popular solution for those who rely on digital assets in operations across decentralized space and in everyday life.

One of the most widespread use case scenarios is tethering a bank card to an account on such gateways as Google Pay to fast-track the use of available balances. Cryptocurrencies are not outside the scope of application. Companies like Embily offer their users the opportunity to issue dedicated bank cards that support cryptocurrency balances and transfers. Such a means of using cryptocurrencies for everyday activities is highly convenient and easy, given the wide range of benefits the companies issuing such cards provide.

The easiest way to start using cryptocurrencies is to apply for an Embily bank card, which can be delivered free of charge to the recipient’s address or issued as a virtual card instantly. Users need to connect it to their digital wallet address to be able to use the balance of the account. Once the card is issued and activated, users can connect it to Google Pay.

Once the card is connected, users can start making payments through Google Pay directly. The bank card will tap into the user’s balance of digital assets and convert them into fiat automatically at the most favorable exchange rate. Such versatility and ease of use make cards like  Embily both indistinguishable from traditional Visa and MasterCard alternatives and more functional in the application connected to it.

The Embily card supports Google Pay after the latest update, considering the leading alternative technology offered by Apple Pay has long been available and highly demanded by users. The new and extended functionality of Embily allows users to transfer assets, exchange them for Euros, cash out at ATMs at minimum commissions, and make POS payments free of charge.

The use of cryptocurrencies as means of payment is growing, driven by portable devices and smartphones. Such supporting technologies make the acceptance of crypto bank cards possible at retail outlets and other venues.