06 May 2022
Virtual Crypto Cards
Virtual Crypto Cards

 Since their inception in the 1960s, bank cards have been regarded as an irrevocable part of the banking process. The gradual advancement of financial technology has led to the improvement of embedded microchips and the more recent development of supporting mobile and web applications. Today’s bank cards are simply designed to connect to  a user's bank account in the most flexible and convenient manner.

However, the onset of the pandemic has produced another challenge as physical contact with payment terminals now carries the risk of contracting the virus. This has led to the increased adoption of contactless payments alongside rapid growth of the e-commerce sector, both of which rely largely on online payments and direct transfers. The result is a symbiosis of two needs: the advent of virtual bank cards tethered to mobile banking applications. 

The ensuing rise of digital banking followed by neobanking have caught the attention of the decentralized finance industry. As a powerhouse of the blockchain economy, DeFi is rapidly evolving into a multi-billion dollar industry with countless instruments and applications designed to cater to virtually any banking and financial needs.

The convenience of bank cards has thus evolved into the need for a new type of value carrier. This has resulted in the development of virtual crypto cards. 

As a crypto banking operator, Embily allows its clients to access their bank accounts through an intuitive and convenient mobile application. Furthermore,  Embily provides virtual crypto cards to their clients alongside and alongside an extensive range of facilities connected directly to time-tried, reliable, and global financial gateways like VISA.The service also connects directly to an over-the-counter exchange which lets clients convert their cryptocurrency assets into fiat and vice versa, enabling  instant low-fee withdrawals at ATMs around the world.

As a modern payment company, Embily will continue to support the continued  adoption and evolution of the decentralized sector by acting as a reliable bridge between conventional and digital financial industries.

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