14 January 2022
Meet new Embily Referral program
Meet new Embily Referral program

Every person has a social circle – some people they call family, friends and acquaintances. Apart from providing communication and companionship, the social circle can also provide numerous benefits and help. When it comes to the world of finance, such benefits go well beyond providing loans and startup capital. Many companies offer referral programs that are directly proportional to the size of one’s social circle.

A referral program provides rewards for attracting users to a service. The best referral program ensures the availability of intrinsic rewards like bonus points, direct payouts and commissions from attracted users’ transactions. Being a member of a new referral program is a great way to earn money passively through referral links that can be shared among friends and acquaintances.

The more people one attracts to a service, the more they will earn by referral program rewards and commissions. This is especially true for a referral program of a crypto service that adds the benefit of instant payouts and rewards through cryptocurrencies.

The Embily cryptobank card service offers instant referral program payments to all participants who share their referral links with other users. Being an influencer in such a manner allows Embily crypto cards users to earn cryptocurrencies and gain access to new benefits. The more users one attracts to using the Embily service, the more they will earn as rewards and bonuses.

To join the Embily referral program users should register in the Embily Referral Program and post their referral link on any channel shared among friends. Every new user joining via your referral link gets Embily plastic card for 5 euros (instead of 15) and virtual one for 1 euro (instead of 6). 

The affiliate (the one who invites) receives a one-time referral bonus for the referred friend upon activation of his card (activation is the first card top-up) - 25 euros for the plastic card and 15 for the virtual one plus 0,1% from all friend’s topped up amount.

Payments are made for the purchase of one card by one user, regardless of the number of cards purchased and activated by this user.

The bonus from refilling with crypto will come only on the first replenished card (and further on it), no matter if the user has 5 cards and all are activated.

Open your Embily account today and go straight to the Embily Referral Program page to join right away - https://embily.com/referral