28 July 2022
Why Benzinga awarded Embily card as Best crypto card for UX in 2022
Why Benzinga awarded Embily card as Best crypto card for UX in 2022

Gone are the days when crypto was considered a silly trend and something not very serious. Now it is compared with gold and various cryptocurrencies are increasingly appearing in the investment portfolios of huge companies like Tesla. The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing, as is the desire to spend it. And the easiest way is crypto cards. The media for investors Benzinga has awarded the Embily card as the best crypto card for User Experience in 2022. There are four reasons why Embily card is the most UX-convenient crypto card.

1 – Embily card is powered by Visa

That means Embily plastic and virtual cards work wherever the VISA payment system works. Paying for a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe, a bouquet of flowers or a motorcycle almost anywhere in the world with bitcoin is now much easier. Additional option: you can withdraw cash from ATM worldwide – the daily limit is 500 euros. All fees and limits for crypto cards are here. 

2 – Instant fund with different cryptocurrencies

You can top up your card with ten popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH (ERC20), USDT (ERC20), USDT (OMNI), TRON, USDC (TRC-20), USDT (TRC-20), BNB (BEP2), USDC (ERC-20), DAI. Important note: you don’t need to pay with crypto. Just link Embily card to your digital cryptocurrency wallet and it automatically converts crypto to euro. Spend your crypto in a moment!

3 – Make contactless payments using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Shopping became more convenient! Add your Embily card to your Apple or Google wallet and use it as any other debit/credit card how you are used to.

4 – Live support

If you have a question, you can receive an answer fast. Embily runs online support via live chat through human operators.

What else makes Embily card so UX-attractive? Embily has a very convenient and powerful webapp, and mobile app is in expected soon. It let you manage your finances, track your expenses, and top up with crypto more easily. Virtual Embily card can be issued in 5 minutes. So if you have a date in an hour, some crypto and zero cash – don’t panic, just get Embily card right now