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Good day, Embily Family!

Hope you and your relatives are feeling well and healthy!

My name is Alexander Bychkov, I am CEO of Embily, saying “Hello” to you with my new quarantine haircut and NO-COVID-19 entrance sticker direct sunny Friday from Singapore office.

Embily will have so many awesome updates to you coming in next few weeks that i personally would like to share with you some of them already. After platform maintenance is complete we will introduce you to Third Generation of Embily.

Over the past few months, we have already launched features like pending balances, working swift gpi top-ups, added USDT and TRX to the platform, and released the long-awaited Appstore and Google Play apps.

Alright, alright — time is money. Three main and important aspects to come:

  • convenient and smooth KYC process, I personally know how it is annoying to get KYC failed status;
  • reduced conversion rate and card usage fee and that makes my dream of spendable bitcoin even brighter, guys;
  • as a platform we want to add services as much as we can and step-by-step these added values will make Embily as we all believe “Banking of the Future”.

As of today, you can already use Embily as OTC service to get cash payout in Moscow, just go and use your balance for it. Today Moscow, tomorrow world-wide.

Make your crypto SPENDABLE!

You can find out about all new developments and additions here or in our official social networks.

Stay tuned!

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