18 February 2022
Buy, Sell and Exchange large quantities of crypto with Embily
Buy, Sell and Exchange large quantities of crypto with Embily

Embily Launches a Crypto Operations OTC Service for Business Clients.

About the Embily™ OTC service:

The Embily™ global payment network has launched a service for businesses and high net work individuals, allowing them to buy and sell large amounts of cryptocurrencies from their business accounts. The move comes as the company continues to develop innovative financial management services to add to its core product lineup of crypto debit cards. The service is available worldwide with the exception of certain sanctioned countries, and the United States. OTC (Over-the-Counter ) also known as “off-exchange trading”,  OTC is a direct interaction between two parties (Embily and a client) to consummate a transaction without the supervision of an exchange. Due to the considerable slippage that often results from order size increases, centralized exchanges are seen as best for smaller trades. OTC avoids this, making it the preferred method for both businesses using corporate bank accounts and individuals with substantial liquid assets to buy and sell cryptocurrencies all while avoiding high fees.

Embily OTC benefits:

- No price slippage; we provide quotes for the entire order, allowing for large volume trades at fixed prices.

- High liquidity; Embily has both native pools and a network of buyers and sellers ready to trade at the best price.

- Security; Embily OTC acts on a contract basis and is a non-custodial service. This means the funds are always maintained in the client’s accounts and we will never hold our client’s funds. In addition to this, Embily also has a crypto exchange licensing as a public company. 

- Privacy is ensured since prices and order books are not publicly available on OTC desks, allowing   private trades that keep the total order size hidden from other market participants.

- Flexible means of payments is ensured through access to established banking system infrastructure, including support for various currencies such as USD, EUR, SGD, HKD and others.

Core Advantages of OTC Trading:

Through OTC trading services, organizations and high net-worth individuals can take advantage of Embily’s deep liquidity pool and personalized service for popular crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum USDT, USDC, DAI, Tron USDT and many others- starting at 10,000 Euros equivalent.

OTC can also be a reliable and convenient tool for businesses seeking access to additional funds. Companies can use Embily OTC to invest in various digital assets, adding them to their portfolios in expectation of an increase in valuation. Some European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and some others have negative interest rates which give businesses the additional incentive to transfer account balances to a stablecoin not to lose on savings rates in a traditional bank. 

Embily OTC is also an ideal option for cross-border payments, as the underlying blockchain allows for instant transactions independent of bank procedures and working-hours. Such independence from conventional financial system timeframes makes OTCs the system of choice for speedy transaction forwarding and execution.


To take advantage of Embily’s OTC services, users need to fill out an application on the official Embily website and pass the mandatory KYB procedure. Each client is then provided with an individual manager for around-the-clock assistance in carrying out operations.

The company plans to launch a B2C service for buying and selling any amount of cryptocurrencies in the near future.

Some examples of Embily clients' cases:

  • 1) A client company has attracted investments in equity. The investor had some cryptocurrency and wanted to invest in BTC, but the company needed fiat for its operating activities. That's how Embily OTC works - the investor transferred money to the company's wallet, and the company sent it to Embily. After the KYB, we exchanged it to Euro and sent it to the client's business account. 
  • 2) During a company's founding, one of the co-owners wanted to contribute his share in the authorized capital with cryptocurrency. The new company needed to urgently present finances and required assets to be in fiat.  So the co-owner transferred the crypto funds to the company’s account, and then the company sent it to Embily. We exchanged it to Euro within 1 working day and sent it back to the company’s business account.
  • 3) A B2C company accepts many payments in cryptocurrency to increase the number of customers with various available payment methods. For the operating activities of the company, fiat is needed. So they regularly exchange the received cryptocurrency with Embily, and receive fiat money to their business account legally.

Buy, Sell, Exchange crypto in large blocks with Embily  - https://embily.com/otc