16 March 2022
Embily to Provide Crypto-friendly Cards to Ukrainian Refugees
Embily to Provide Crypto-friendly Cards to Ukrainian Refugees

The Embily global payment network is launching an initiative to allow Ukrainian refugees to open crypto-friendly debit cards accounts at no-cost. We hope this will enable those in need to receive crypto donations.

Ukrainian refugees in EU can follow these steps to receive a no-cost Embily Card: 

1. Go to https://eu.embily.com/, check the fees and limits. Click “Open account” and go through the registration procedure. Indicate the actual European address of your staying (hotel, relatives, but not a Ukrainian address). You will need your international passport to pass KYC.

2. After passing KYC, use the promo code HELPUA to order an Embily card at no-cost. Embily can issue both virtual cards (integratable withApple Pay or Google Pay) and  plastic cards, which we will deliver anywhere in Europe for free. Plastic card delivery takes 5 days on average while virtual cards can be activated immediately after the KYC verification. 

3. To activate your Embily card please send a legible photo of your passport with an EU border stamp to our support team. Check the list of EU countries here please.

4. Once the card is activated, you can top up the card with one of 9 cryptocurrencies; the funds will be immediately fixed in EURO and available for spending. 

Since residents of Ukraine can legally stay in the EU for 3 months only, after 90 days they must register in the migration service of any European country to get a visa, residence, or refugee status. The scan of the document must be transferred to the Embily support team so that the card is not deactivated.

Embily's headquarters are based in Estonia and Singapore, but we care about the welfare of people regardless of their countries and nationalities. We cannot stay away from the situation with refugees from Ukraine. The Embily team deeply sympathises with the civilians of Ukraine and are happy to help make their life outside of home more comfortable. 

Our technical support is available 24/7. We’re continuously monitoring and evaluating to see if there’s more we can do to support the refugees. Join our Telegram community to stay in touch https://t.me/embilycard. Order your crypto-friendly plastic or virtual debit card here: https://app.embily.com/auth/check-country

The Embily team.