Make Your Crypto SPENDABLE

Embily crypto card is almost exactly the same as the debit/credit cards you already have in your wallet!

Our customer and friend Sean decided to test Embily card and went to the most famous hotel in Singapore — Marina Bay Sands.

The hotel employee at reception was surprised that he wants to pay for the room with cryptocurrency, but after Sean showed his Embily card and explained how it works, she understood what he meant.

Embily card сan be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Up to $13,000 can be loaded onto a card in any single transaction, and the maximum balance that a card can hold is limitless, funds over $13,000 will be on pending balance.

Our prepaid card allows to make secure purchases online and in shops, book hotels, rent cars and withdraw cash.

Make your crypto SPENDABLE!

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Stay tuned!

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