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Card for Digital Assets
Embily prepaid debit card is a great add-on for users of Embily platform. The card allows you to send and receive money from other Embily users, top-up with bank transfer, receives commissions from Embily platform and much more


  • Fast card delivery via DHL or UPS (get it in under 5 days)
  • Use our card with any wallet of your preference. Top up using our platform or a dedicated address attached to your card.
  • Cards available in EUR, USD, GBP.
  • Experience great 24/7 customer support in 4 languages.

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Digital Asset Pawn Shop

You are holding digital assets, enjoying the constant price growth, planning even bigger returns in the future and declining to sell no matter how much you need money today? With our digital asset pawn shop you can pawn your digital assets and receive money for it onto your Embily card today. We will hold the asset for as long as you want and when the price is right for you and you are ready to sell, we will do it with the best market rate and liquidate your loan from the value received, the rest of the funds will be deposited to your Embily card or remitted to the bank account of your choosing.

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Digital Asset Management

The digital asset is a lucrative investment, but what assets to pick, wich one’s to avoid? What ICO is safe and what ICO is a fraud. How to take advantage from forks and avoid being hacked or losing your private keys. Our seasoned professionals will put together a digital asset portfolio for you, maintain it, keep it in our state of the art cold storage facility and execute any trade that you want. All for a very optimal fund management fee.

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