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Small Things Can Lead Up To Big Changes


Have you ever heard of the saying “Small things can lead to big changes”? What about “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, surely, you’ve heard of the latter saying. But how often do you notice the small steps that are taken when in process of changing or working on something? In order to make big changes in our life, it’s always easier to take those small steps and complete the little milestones before deciding to tackle the big change.

I think this is a pattern that a lot of people are used to. Something groundbreaking or great happens and then is largely talked about and hyped. People that weren’t originally in the loop catch wind of the hype. But after a short time period, the hype and excitement die down and things go back to being somewhat quiet.

This is when a lot of the people that weren’t originally in the loop conclude that the thing that was huge and full of excitement is now dead, dying or just not innovating anymore. This problem seems to be found in all sorts of industries too. With Video-Gaming, a new game comes out or a new update and if it looks good or is innovative in the gaming world, people are quick to jump on and praise and it seems like scenarios such as this is far and few in between. Leaving large gaps of time where people will quickly accuse the said game to be dead or dying, just because they themselves don’t hear or see any activity from it.

But that’s not a bad thing and as we said earlier; Small things can lead up to big changes. Let’s take FinTech for example. From the earliest telegraph systems, to credit cards to the modern apps that we have on our mobile phones today. Would the latter exist without the former? Probably not. Sometimes we don’t see what’s going on behind closed doors nor can we always get an accurate number of how many users there are for a certain app or piece of tech.

So, don’t worry if you for some reason you think things are slowing down in the Fintech world. The next big thing could just around the corner and we don’t even know it yet. Also, don’t forget that giving constructive feedback can help the developers greatly! And if the next big update doesn’t come around soon, it’s okay! All it takes is a little bit of waiting.


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