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Sponsoring Local Hockey Team


Time to get off our computers for a little while and get in some sports! Embily have been working with the local Hockey Team in Pattaya, Thailand in sponsoring an upcoming event. Currently trying to decide where logo placement would look best on the team’s jersey.

This has been a fun collaboration between Embily and the Pattaya Destroyers. Some of us at Embily got the chance to meet with the hockey team and a couple of our staff even play on the team (when they have the time!). The upcoming event is a tournament that will bring several teams from different provinces of the country to compete to see which ice hockey team is the best in Thailand.

It has been a fun time with the team, and we hope there will be possibilities for Embily to sponsor other teams in other sports in the future. Hopefully, with our support, the Pattaya Destroyers can go on to win the tournament! It Now back to figuring out where the final placement of the Embily Logo will go.


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