The History of Western Union

If you’ve ever needed to send money abroad, then you’ve probably used or at least thought of using Western Union. They have quite a large presence in the field along with a solid user-base that frequently uses their services. So, just how and where did it all start and how relevant are Western Unions’ services today compared to all the different online solutions that we now have available to us. Read more

Warning Signs on ICO's and Scam Projects

Warning Signs on ICO’s and Scam Projects

Late 2017 was a popular time for ICO’s to make their way onto the Crypto market. We saw a total of 235 registered ICO’s appear in just 2017, compared to 2016s 46. With that many flooding on to the market, it can be difficult to know which are scams and Ponzi schemes and so the Embily team has compiled a bunch of warning signs on ICO’s and scam projects to look out for, which will hopefully help you to protect your money.
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