FinTech in 2018

Less than a week left for 2018 and what a year it has been! It was certainly eventful for the Embily teams. Both Bangkok and Pattaya teams have moved into bigger and nicer offices this year. Embily has signed a new partnership with BIG and we’ve had great fun in sponsoring a local ice-hockey team for a few events throughout the year!

So, what has the world of Financial Technology offered us over the past 12 months? Read more

The History of Western Union

If you’ve ever needed to send money abroad, then you’ve probably used or at least thought of using Western Union. They have quite a large presence in the field along with a solid user-base that frequently uses their services. So, just how and where did it all start and how relevant are Western Unions’ services today compared to all the different online solutions that we now have available to us. Read more

Blockchain World Conference, Bangkok 2017: An Embily Report Part 2

Part II


Like part one of this article (https://embily.com/blockchain-world-conference-bangkok-2017-embily-report/), I will include the link to the events website as it has details such as the event day timetable, as well as pictures of each speaker, giving you an idea of what they look like. https://blockchainworldconferences.com/
Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to something, right?

After Lunch

With everyone back in the ball room from lunch, the first keynote session of the day was ready to start. Read more

Blockchain World Conference, Bangkok 2017: Embily Report

From the blockchain world conference website

Recently, Beyond Blocks and iStack Holdings organised a Blockchain world conference here in Bangkok, Thailand at the extravagant Grand Hyatt hotel on the 4th of December 2017. The Embily team made sure to be there, as well as hundreds of other attendees from all over the country and even other parts of the world.

In this article, I will be reporting on my experience and highlights of the day and although it has already passed, check out the conference website as it has a nicely presented list of speakers, panel times and other details. The website is the following link; https://blockchainworldconferences.com/

So, whether you were there or not, you can now grab a drink, kick back and enjoy this report.
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