More Top Comments and Posts to Come Out of The February 2018 Crypto Crash So Far


It looks like the market wants to stay as a bear for a little longer with no current signs to go bullish. Last month, we saw Bitcoin drop from 19k USD down to around 12k USD and then some. Both Bitcoin and all the other Cryptocurrencies decided that the January correction wasn’t quite correct and so now we have the February crash. At the time of writing this article, the price for Bitcoin is 6,250 USD.

But as always, you can almost always expect to find top quality, funny posts and comments to come out of a large crash. Keep your chin up and remember to buy the dips and NEVER purchase more than you can afford to lose, and hopefully, by the time, this has been posted the market shall be back on a bull trend again!


  • @loomdart says you can’t buy a fraction of a Lambo. Boy is he wrong.


  • Jameson Lopp telling us how it is.


  • At times like this, we also need motivational words! Many of us are seeing red on our portfolio, so here are some “keep your chin up” speeches to help you through the day.


  • Some more uplifting words from Walter White.


  • It seems this morning we are slowly getting back onto a bull trend.


Last months top posts to come out of the Crypto crash:

Featured Image courtesy of vinayan, DeviantArt

Supplementary Image courtesy of Fersy, DeviantArt


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