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Virtual card for Everyone!

This is the moment when we can confidently announce the launch of VISA TO THE MOON card for our users!

All technical and legal issues have been resolved and we are launching a new tool for our users —Virtual Card! With a plastic and virtual card, you get double limits! Double limits double opportunities!

For all our users who are waiting for a replacement card, as a sign of gratitude and trust, we will issue a virtual card for FREE!

The virtual card is actually a very cool product. Quick registration, no need to wait for delivery of the card. High limits, convenient usage, always at hand, as it can be added to Apple Pay. This means perfect protection of your funds, which you can manage anytime, anywhere.

With a virtual card, you can instantly spend your cryptocurrency using just your phone, which is always with you. Convenient, isn’t it?😉

The price of the Virtual Card is 20 EUROS!

This is enough to pay with your crypto online, for everything else, a plastic card is perfect!

Let’s go together!


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