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What we achieved when our cards didn’t work?

We would like to thank all of our users for trust and patience! And now we are happy to announce what we have achieved and improved!

It’s no secret that we left for technical work at the end of June. There are many reasons, but the main thing is that we wanted to make our product better for each of you!

We have prepared a short presentation for you which clearly shows the main changes! I’m sure you’ll definitely like them! Check this out👇

We got off to a fast start last year and achieved good results in both the retail and commercial sectors. More than 9k and 200k users respectively.

We thought that our previous cards had flaws, which we decided to change. And I’m sure we did a good job.

Due to some difficulties for users and for further development, we have changed our jurisdiction to the European Union. Received a license to operate with cryptocurrency.

We have developed a convenient and secure wallet so that your funds are always at hand. And also started making steps towards DeFi.

Our cards will have a space design, and the main thing is that they are safe, all important information is hidden from view.

Now let’s talk about numbers!

We have reduced the top up fee, it was 2.5%, and now it is 1%!

We also reduced the commission for withdrawing funds from ATMs. It was 3.5%, and now it’s 2%!

In addition to all this, we have also reduced the exchange conversion rate.
It was 3.75%, and now it’s 1.5%!

The changes are not just about numbers!

Now our users can safely make purchases online.
We have enabled 3D Secure! The card works on all sites!

Do you remember how long you had to wait for KYC verification? From two days to a week, and now within 2 hours! Cool, isn’t it?!

Our team have added the ability to order a virtual card. You can use it right away on the Internet.

We didn’t forget about paying by phone. Now it is already available to use Apple Pay, and Google Pay will be a little later.

Each user can apply for up to 5 cards for different projects. And the validity of cards is not 3 years as before, but 5 years!

Well, now the main question: the price of cards and fees!

virtual card can be ordered for 20 euros and used on the same day, but a plastic card costs 100 euros including delivery.

Well.. that seems to be all I wanted to show you. Wait a bit and you will be able to try it out yourself, and all our tests say that it will happen in the near future!

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank each of you for your trust and patience, as well as for your feedback. We appreciate it!


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