Your Crypto Monday Report – 14th May 2018

The weekend is over and now is the time to reflect on its events. A big part of working with crypto is educated guesswork, so lest we devolve to guesswork alone, lets educate ourselves. Here are top picks of weekend crypto news.


Friday 11th
South Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange Upbit Under Investigation for Fraud

We kick off this report with some grim news from South Korea. UpBit, the largest South Korean exchange is under fire by laws, being accused of fraud. The premises had been visited by 10 investigators and computers confiscated for review.


Saturday 12th
German Online Bank Uses Bitcoins to Transfer Loans

Next up, some news that set the r/Bitcoin subreddit ablaze. Almost every other post was talking about this, lauding this as a small step for Bitcoin but a large leap for Cryptocurrencies as a whole.
Read up this article from Reuters.


Sunday  13th
S. Korean Media: Electronics Giant LG Launches Own Blockchain Service ‘Monachain’

South Koreans lead the charge in ending this news roundup as well. LG is not fazed by UpBit exchange seizure news and rolls out a new “Blockchain service” Monachain. Not to be confused with MonaCoin. As far as i could dig up, the two have nothing in common. Read up about details of this new service in the article below.


This concludes this Embily news report for weekend events.
As a bonus, check out this “Tuna on Blockchain” article that is touching the topic i covered in my latest article. Be sure to check that out too, if you haven’t already.

Cover illustration artist ahermin, DeviantArt

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