Your Crypto Monday report –  18th June 2018

Gooooood morning, afternoon and evening to all of you readers around the world. Another week, another Monday and that definitely means another one of your Crypto Monday reports. Don’t worry if you had a busy weekend, there wasn’t much that you missed and even if you did, it’s all here compiled just for you! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Oh Crypto, my dear Crypto. Why are you feeling so down? All reds, nothing but reds. Get well soon, so you can get ahead. So, we can all start seeing green! Prices are still hovering around the mid 6k mark, but not worry folks! Just have some patience.


Friday 15th

This one is quite the interesting read. According to this article, it seems that a surprisingly large percentage of trading volumes on the big crypto exchanges are ‘fake’.  The author states: “By my reckoning, over $3 billion dollars of daily volume is nonexistent.”
Chasing fake volume: a crypto-plague

Relevant to the above article, twitter user Roy Huang reveals the proposal and email exchange between him and a top-ranked crypto exchange.


Saturday 16th

It looks like some of the banks are beginning to do a 180. Now that some of the domestic banks are looking into issuing ICOs of their own, there may be a reversal on the crypto bank. Well, all I can say is just be careful of any centralized token and when they are willing to reverse a ban that they put in themselves to further their own greed…Yeah, tells you enough.
India’s RBI Eyeing Own Crypto Is Sign of Potential Ban Reversal, Says Ripple Chief

This one is an interesting article. Apparently, there is a good chance that the CIA, FBI and NSA know Satoshi Nakamoto’s real identity. But how much of this do you think is true?
Satoshi Nakamoto Known to CIA? FBI? Created by NSA? Search Intensifies


Sunday 17th

The Ukrainian Cybercrime Unit has uncovered a network of fraudulent crypto trading websites which has led to the Cyberpolice exposing an organized group of scammers and bringing in 4 suspects.
Six Fake Crypto Exchange Sites Busted by Ukraine’s Cyberpolice


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