Your Crypto Monday Report – 25th June 2018

After writing all these reports over the many months, I’m beginning to think we need some sort of official Monday anthem…I’ll have to work on that one. Monday Monday Monday! Welcome to yet another Monday Funday where you can come and read your Crypto Monday Report and find out what you’ve missed over the weekend.

Okay so look. 6,500 USD support didn’t hold. But don’t worry. This just means we’re getting more BTC for cheaper. If you’re truly here for the idea and the potential of what Bitcoin can become, then you have nothing to worry about 😊


Friday 22nd

Nano (The cryptocurrency, not the hard wallet) had a bit of an issue over towards the end of last week. They had tweeted a rather important looking message:

Though it’s not currently pinned to the top of their page, so either the issue has been resolved or it wasn’t such a big deal, to begin with. But just in case, thought I’d share it here for you folks.


Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast? Of course, you are, otherwise, why would you be reading this. Are you a miner? Are you in Ukraine? Well, I sure do have some good news for you.
No License Needed to Mine Cryptocurrencies in Ukraine


Saturday 23rd

This one article is interesting, all about mining. Featuring some nice statistics of mining equipment and overall knowledge of the top five mining areas.
Top Five Biggest Crypto Mining Areas: Which Farms Are Pushing Forward the New Gold Rush?


Stephen Silver Jewellery store (, who are located in the heart of Silicon Valley and were the first jewellery retailer in the world to accept cryptocurrency back in 2014 had just announced that in their store, cryptocurrency has surpassed the volume of retail credit-card purchases. Hurray for Crypto!
Cryptocurrency Transactions Surpass Credit Card Sales at Silicon Valley Jewelry Retailer


Sunday 24th

It almost seems like every time we do one of these reports, there’s some sort of news about India and some sort of ban regarding Crypto. So, now the exchanges are preparing for a fiat deposit ban, forcing the exchanges to go towards crypto – to – crypto trading. Come on India, this isn’t the way to go!
Indian Crypto Exchanges Prepare for RBI Ban – New Trading Tools, No Fiat

Don’t forget to check out last Friday’s report:
End Of The Week Report, 22nd June 2018


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