Your Crypto Monday Report – 28th May 2018

Another day, another workday, another Monday Funday and of course, that means another Your Crypto Monday report. Weekends can be hectic, making us miss out on news that has happened during our time away. But not to worry, the Embily team is here with these reports for your convenience. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Bitcoin took a bit of a nose dive over the past few days by teasing us with breaking back up above the 9k mark before dropping down to sub 7.5k. But at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be Bitcoin without some volatility and I think the majority of the company expects it soon to shoot up.


Friday 25th

There was a tweet on the 24th May from Binance CEO; Zhao Changpeng commenting on the status of a rumour of partnership with Chain Partners/Daybit. He stated: “We will not withstand false claims and scammers.”

Longtime readers of these reports always know that I like to add in the positive feedback and comments towards crypto from more influential people in the world. Niall Ferguson made a statement, where he said and commented his opinion on how Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are just one part of the many major challenges that the current fiat system we use today, will face in the future.


Saturday 26th

Personally, I like Ethereum. But one should never shy away from ‘negative’ news about something you like and support. As it’s better to know all sides of what you’re investing in, rather than cherry-picking positives. Lately, Ethereum has been under quite a bit of scrutiny from the community.

Below are a couple of links with criticism and some more information on where Ethereum could be headed.

Just a month ago, Chilean banks decided to close down bank accounts of all the Crypto Exchanges that were associated with the bank. However, the courts have no just ruled that such banks must reopen the exchanges account until current lawsuits between the exchange the banks are settled.


Sunday 27th

And something super interesting, an interview with Bitcoin Pizza guy: Laszlo Hanyecz! Laszlo talks about his first pizza purchase with the famous 10,000 BTC over 8 years ago and mentions why he still is only interested in one particular cryptocurrency; Bitcoin.



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