Your Crypto Monday Report – 30th April 2018

You know what day it is. It’s Monday Funday. That’s right, and that means it’s time for another Embily catch up with your crypto Monday report. Don’t worry if you didn’t have time over the weekend to keep up with all the stuff going on in the crypto news, we’ve got all the important and/or interesting news for you right here. Grab a cup and enjoy.

Bitcoin and the rest of Crypto are doing quite nicely over the past few days and week. A lot of the crypto community is screaming alt season! And all the others are yelling out; “It’s time for a bull run! It’s bull season!” So let’s check out what’s been going on in the past few days.


Friday 27th

Bitcoin Cash and its community has once again found themselves in the center of the spotlight. Over the past few days, after a certain tweet from Roger Ver. The tweet in question:

Erik Voorhees quickly replied to Rogers tweet:

And it seemed that Erik’s response sparked a quite a bit of uprise amongst the anti-Bitcoin cash community. As it soon brought up a lot of tweets, posts, and articles, all claiming that Bitcoin Cash was a fraud and all sorts of not so nice things. This tweet highlighted a number of posts and articles that came up;

As I’ve stated numerously in the past, I believe that Bitcoin Cash is their own worst enemy. They have a good project with good tech. But after losing consensus after their fork in late 2017, the crypto community decided which Bitcoin to stick with and it was not Bitcoin Cash.

Read the last article I wrote regarding my opinion on Bitcoin Cash and why they will struggle to gain additional supporters with their current tactics;


Saturday 28th

I’m always on the lookout for scams. Not just to safeguard and protect myself but so that I can share and make sure that other people are also protected from being potentially scammed. While it should seem obvious to spot and a little nonsensical that people fall for such obvious scams, people still do. So as always, be careful and always double check your website, handle name, etc.

If you wanted to brush up on some scam detecting skills, give one of our articles a read:


If you’ve been following my reports and articles, then you should know by now how much I like positive general news regarding crypto. That doesn’t mean I don’t like negative news. I believe you should never ignore people and information that oppose your views. Always be open to all information and keep yourself informed. That being said, a lot of big tech investors are saying the Crypto market hitting $40 trillion USD within 10 years is possible. Aww yeah.


Sunday 29th

More Bitcoin and Crypto uses help for quicker and better public adoption! With countries like Japan and Dubai leading the way with their regulations and general acceptance and positive attitude towards Crypto, other countries are sure soon to follow. Venezuela has just certified 16 Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Just to add to the Venezuelan Crypto hype train; If India pays with crypto, Venezuela is offering India a 30% discount. However, it does have to be the cryptocurrency Petro. But talks of Crypto on country scale levels is always a good thing as it helps to spread the word!

And now India is launching 23 zero fee Crypto-to-Crypto trading pairs on Koinex. Despite recent drama regarding Indian banks, it seems that Crypto always manages to pull through.


Last Friday’s report:

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