Your Crypto Monday Report – 7th May 2018

It’s the end of the weekend. Or it’s the start of the weekday. However, you decide to look at it, it’s still going to another Monday Funday, May edition. Weekends can be hectic, keeping you busy at all hours and keeping you away from your precious Crypto news. The Crypto world never sleeps, but not to fear, Embily is here! Sit back and enjoy.

It would seem that Bitcoin is going through a bit of a shy phase as it struggles to pass the $10,000 USD mark, despite coming to a hair close several times throughout the week. The Bitcoin community vs Bitcoin Cash drama is still at large of course.

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Friday 4th

A week in the crypto world can’t be considered an eventful if we don’t get some sort of movement happening on either side of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash community disputes. There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks of trying to get to remove from the list of websites for Bitcoin.

And now it’s happened!


Unfortunately, the crypto world isn’t all fun and there are the occasional shocking news. A Russian YouTuber named Pavel Nyashin, who did a lot of crypto-blogging was found dead in his house. The authorities are deeming it a suicide, but an investigation into his death is still on-going.

The Embily team would like to remind our readers out there to NEVER reveal your personal wealth to the public. This happened to Pavel a few months after he was severely beaten and robbed of his crypto and other belongings.

Boasting online regarding how much you have isn’t a good idea. Stay safe!

Saturday 5th

News where Bitcoin and Crypto get more adoption, more positive news of any sort is something I always enjoy to read. But this particular one is one of the best ones yet. The entire population of a Ukrainian village, although small, owns crypto!

Another step towards mass adoption!


South Korea has had a bit of a rollercoaster relationship with crypto over the past few months. With government officials accused and being found guilty of insider trading, to other government officials condemning Bitcoin and crypto.

However, a newly appointed governor has some positive thoughts regarding cryptocurrency.



Sunday 6th

Three links for this one as it currently still ongoing. There was recently a lawsuit targeting Ripple. The lawsuit alleges that it led a scheme that raised Ripple hundreds of millions of dollars, but through unregistered sales.

And just today, there has been a new filing, putting over $12 billion USD at stake.



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