Your Crypto Report – Monday 30th July 2018


Monday Funday is here yet again. And today is an actual Funday for me as it’s a public holiday! Yaaaaaay. Now I get to relax while I bring you some beloved Crypto news. Don’t worry about missing any important and/or interesting news and information that happened over the weekend, you can always come and check them out here! Oh yeah, and hurray for the support on above 8k! Let’s hope it stays that way

So as always, sit back, relax and keep yourself up to date with Embily.


Friday 27th 

Okay so this one is pretty interesting to me, as Thailand had just put into effect their regulations for ICOs within Thailand and one of those was capping retail investors. Japan’s plan is to cap investments on “small assets” thought at this point it is not clear what a small asset is.

Japan Self-Regulatory Crypto Exchange Association Considers Trading Cap for Some Clients

I believe this is a subject that a lot of people have debated about for a long time now. Regarding Cryptocurrencies from China compared to others. Even the subject of NEO vs Ethereum is a common debate and is something that even I wrote about: NEO vs Ethereum. Though I must say, I’m not sure who these “crypto experts” are.

Analysts: China’s Cryptocurrency Could Be Bigger Than Bitcoin


Saturday 28th

KickICO was hacked on the 27th where they lost $7.7 million USD worth of their Kick token. Around 70 million kick tokens were missing from wallets after some private keys were compromised. However, the CEO has said that they will all lost tokens to its users.

ICO Platform Promises Full Refund Following $7 Million Hack

I remember where there was a time period last year, when it seemed that every major project had just had, or was about to have some sort of hard fork. Well, it seems Ethereum is gearing themselves up for another one and are currently in the works of testing their code for their next milestone: Constantinople.

Ethereum Is Testing Code for Its Next Hard Fork


Sunday 29th 

It’s not all that rare to hear about company employees running stealth mining operations. Though, it’s not all that common that you hear they mined 500,000 BTC and what makes it even worse is the fact that it’s now lost…which means half a million Bitcoin is poof, gone. Helping to make it even more scarce.
Rogue Qiwi Employee Mined 500,000 Bitcoins on Company Hardware [Then Lost Them All]



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